Real Estate Virtual Tour Options in 2020

Katie Weiler


Selling homes is a process. 

What if you could shorten the sales process? How can you maximize current technology to help your business? What would you do with the extra time in your week?

Virtual tours are constantly evolving and making it easier for buyers to narrow down which homes they want to see in-person. 

Keep reading for a comparison of the options available for virtual tours in 2020:

Standard Video

Whether you hire a real estate videographer or shoot a walk-through video on your phone, you most likely have heard of this option.

The idea of an edited video is to show off the best parts of the listing. You can set it to music or include a voiceover. 

Most agents use this type of virtual tour to show off unique listings or luxury-style homes. It can be time consuming and expensive while the cuts between scenes may also leave prospects unaware of the layout.


Matterport is a 3D camera system that is used to create a 3D rendering of a home. It is commonly characterized by its “click-through” function, in which a potential buyer follows arrows to explore different areas of the home. 

This approach includes a large amount of detail for the buyer to look at. They have the option to move through the home room by room or look at a “dollhouse” view from above to see how the home is laid out. 

As an agent, there are some disadvantages to using Matterport as a virtual tour option:

  • No edits: Once the Matterport renderings are shot, there is no way to edit any of the footage.
  • Cost: Hiring someone to complete this virtual tour option is costly. All renderings must be hosted through Matterport and require a processing fee to upload. Purchasing the equipment to complete on your own can be costly as well. 
  • Step Inside: In order to create this rendering, someone must be inside the home. 
  • Lacks Emotion: While the buyer can get an in-depth look at the home, the robotic “click-to-see” function deters an emotional connection to form with the property. 

Matterport is a popular option for virtual tours and it is important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of using it for your business.

360 Cameras

The 360 cameras allow you to capture a 360 degree visual of a space. They have grown in popularity for personal and business use in the last few years.

Depending on the type of camera and the software you choose, the presentation of the virtual tour can look different. Some use it as a way to see each room and allow the buyer to choose which rooms they would like to look at. There are ways to shoot video with the 360 cameras and edit them into a virtual tour as well. 

While 360 cameras are more affordable than the Matterport cameras, you will still need someone to operate, edit, and upload the footage. 

Doola’s Indoor Drone Tours

You want your selling process to be as simple and hassle-free as possible, right? What if you could have a seamless virtual tour that brings you room to room? Oh, and what if you could have this without having anyone step foot in the home

Doola’s indoor drone tours take the guesswork out of virtual tours. Using FPV (first-person view) drones, Doola pilots can complete a fly-through of the entire listing. The end result is a smooth, stunning, professional video that shows off the home in an incredibly exciting way. 

Gone are the days of uploading 48 photos of a home and hoping someone will click through them. You can now show off an entire home in a quick flythrough and all the potential buyer has to do is click play. You can share this video on your Facebook page, Instagram, or send it via text – you are in control of where you post it. You can also upload this to your YouTube channel and host it directly on the MLS.

Using drones in real estate is not a new concept, but FPV drones flying inside the home is. This is the future of virtual tours and you have the opportunity to be an early adopter. 

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